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Apartment-Safe Decorating Tips

Colorful bouquet pink and blue Hydrangea in yellow bucket

There are plenty of reasons to love apartment living, but decorating an apartment can be difficult. Often, there are restrictions on how many holes can go in the walls, painting, and installing hardware. This month the Autumn Creek Apartments Blog has four apartment-friendly decorating tips for you to use and enjoy in our East Amherst community.


Mirrors are an easy way to open up an apartment and visually add space to a room. This is especially effective if you’re living in an apartment. If you want to make your space feel a little bigger (even if, unfortunately, you can’t actually add square footage to your apartment) hang a large mirror looking out on the room. You’ll suddenly feel like you’ve got a lot more room to relax and breathe.  


Fresh cut flowers can brighten and liven up any room. They also allow you to change up your apartment’s look from week to week. Go with a hydrangea arrangement this week and a bouquet of garden roses the next. Live plants, if you can keep up with the care, are also a great way to add some color to your apartment. If you’d love to have a few live plants, but don’t have a green thumb, look into buying succulents or cacti. They’re low-maintenance and pretty easy to care for.


Make your walls feel personal with pictures of friends or your favorite works of art. Pictures and paintings don’t just serve to add a little personality to your blank walls — they also serve as useful conversation starters when you have new guests or friends over.

Throw Pillows

The next time you pick out throw pillows stay away from the typical brown, black, or gray and go for something that fits your personality and interests. Throw pillows come in all different colors and patterns, feature famous quotes, and even display the portraits of famous historical figures. Make your living room or bedroom pop with personality by using unique and interesting pillows.

What are some of your best apartment-friendly decorating tips? Have a great time updating your WNY apartment this summer! Please feel free to share in the comments.



  • Taylor

    I like how you mentioned finding live plants to add color to the apartment as well as including succulents. My girlfriend and I are looking to move into a different apartment that is more on the nicer or luxury side this summer. I'll be sure to research th

    • apartment_manager

      Best of luck with your apartment search! Please contact the Leasing Office with inquiries and we'd be happy to help you find your perfect home this summer. We are luxury apartments offering a variety of amenities and beautiful interiors. We can't wait to s

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