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Autumn Creek Apartments Celebrates National Honey Month

small bowl of honey with a honey dipper


The month of September is National Honey Month. This month here on the Autumn Creek Apartments Blog we want to share some honey recipes, honey facts, and where to find the best local honey here in the East Amherst, NY area. We hope you enjoy this sweet month!


Honey-Based Recipes

Chocolate Chip Honey Cake Recipe

This sweet and rich dessert is great for a get together with friends. The bonus with this recipe is that it has no added sugar, so you can feel good about eating it. The recipe comes from A Treats Affair.

Vanilla Honey Caramels

Give away these caramels to your friends or coworkers or keep the whole batch to yourself to enjoy over the month. Use sugar, honey, vanilla extract, heavy cream, butter, and coarse sea salt to make these.

Salted Honey Pie

We know your friends will come ask for the recipe after they try this delectable pie. The recipe comes from Life, Love, and Sugar. Enjoy this dessert this month!


Honey Facts from Mental Floss

  • Bees survive on honey. During the winter when food is scarce, honey bees feed on the honey in their hives. Beekeepers only take the extra honey that bees produce so the bees have enough of a food source to survive.

  • Not all honey is made by bees. There’s a type of wasp (the Mexican wasp) that also produces honey. This honey, though, can sometimes be poisonous because of certain flowers that the wasps visit.
  • Honey can be different colors and flavors. Depending on what nectar the bees take the honey can be darker or lighter shades of yellow or even dark purple at times.


Local Honey

The Empire State Honey Producers Association’s webpage has all kinds of information about honey, from where to find it in New York to how to become a beekeeper and contact information for New York honey clubs. Check it out to learn more about honey. Many WNY local businesses sell honey nearby our apartment community, typically via farmer’s markets. Plan a visit this weekend!

What’s your favorite honey recipe? Where do you buy local honey? Comment below and share your thoughts with us. Thanks for visiting the Autumn Creek Apartments Blog!