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Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day at Autumn Creek Apartments

Dog park at Autumn Creek Apartments in East Amherst, NY

Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day on August 26th! This internet holiday, founded in 2004 by lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Page, is a day to pamper your pooch in appreciation for enriching your life. We are happy to be a pet friendly apartment community here at Autumn Creek Apartments, and hope you take some time on the 26th — or anytime this month, to spoil your pet!  


Here are some ways we found that you can pamper your pet this month. We like ideas number one of making homemade treats for your pet (we’re including some recipes), and number seven of getting a glamour shot of your pet! However you celebrate, enjoy spending time with your pet every day!

DIY Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Skins

Sweet potato anything is usually a healthier substitute for starchy potatoes, so it makes sense that this would be good for your pets. Low in calories and without any byproducts or unknown ingredients, this is simple treat that your pup will gobble up in no time. All you’ll need is one sweet potato, cut into small strips, and about twenty-five minutes to dry each side on a cookie sheet in the oven. Store in an airtight container and they’ll keep for about a week.

Cheesy Dog Biscuits

For those that are looking for something a little more visually traditional, these dog biscuits are right up your alley. With the help of a dog bone cookie cutter, a bit of your favorite grated cheese, flour, melted butter, and milk, you’ll be able to make these cheesy dog biscuits a reality for your furry best friend. You’ll need just about fifteen minutes to bake the biscuits. You can find the recipe details and step-by-step pictures in the link above.

X & O Treats

Last but not least are these more sweet-focused treats. Because dogs can’t have chocolate, utilizing yogurt and carob in this recipe is the perfect alternative to give them the joy of luxurious taste. With some X & O cookie cutters in hand, and a bit of honey, molasses, olive oil, cinnamon, and whole wheat flour, you’ll have these whipped up in no time. They take about ten to fifteen minutes to bake.

We love providing amenities, like providing a dog park and being a pet friendly place to live, for members of our East Amherst, NY community. What is your favorite amenity here at Autumn Creek apartments? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading our post today.