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Celebrate Pi Day at Autumn Creek Apartments

A lattice-topped cherry pie all ready to eat.

Sometimes winter seems to go on forever, just like π (pi), but in good news, spring weather is on its way to East Amherst, NY, and we’ve got some ideas about how to celebrate Pi Day (3.14) at your Autumn Creek apartment.

Celebrate Pi Day

Learn About Pi

Expand your knowledge about the mathematical equation of pi. If you are a lover of math, this might be the best way to celebrate. We found this article from Wired called 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pi.

Bake a Pie

Yes, we know it’s Pi day, not Pie Day, but they sound just the same, so why not use the day as an excuse to bake and eat some pie? If you really feel that bad about it then bake your pie in a pi symbol shaped pan. Try one of these 50+ Classic All-American Pie Recipes from Country Living for starters.

Eat Pie for Every Meal

If you are hardcore and you love food, this might just be the best way for you to celebrate. Start off your day with a slice of pie, have some pie for lunch, and treat yourself to more pie for dinner and dessert. Show the world that your love for pie knows no boundaries. Mix up your servings with savory and sweet pies to avoid the sugar overload.

Go Out for Pie

If you’d rather get out of your apartment or you are not much of a baker, make a visit to one of these bakeries in the area for a slice of your favorite type of pie with some friends.

Dress Up

Embrace your inner nerd and dress up like the Pi symbol. You could also dress up like an actual pie to be punny. Spread awareness about the holiday with your costume.

We hope taking time to celebrate Pi Day will warm your heart, even if the temperatures in the city still reflect wintertime weather. Thanks for reading our post today.