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Costuming Your Pet: Tips from Autumn Creek Apartments

A pumpkin and a dog in a pumpkin costume

Last year we on the Autumn Creek Blog we shared some fun ideas for Halloween costumes. This year we’re back with more costume ideas — for your pets! That’s right, dress up your fur baby for a Halloween photo op or to accompany you on your annual Halloween adventure. We’ve included some guidelines for how to safely costume your pet, as well. The two of you will make a splash in our East Amherst, NY neighborhood, as well as our apartment community!

Pet Costume Ideas from Autumn Creek Apartments

UPS Delivery Driver

Another great costume from Chewy California Costumes, this is perfect for any of you who do not sew. If you’re taking your pup along with any trick-or-treating you or your kids will be doing, this will be a delightful guest at anyone’s door.

A Purrrfect Queen

Is your cat the one in charge in your apartment? Well, now they can be with this adorable Queen Robe Pet Costume. This fur-trimmed velvet cape and crown are the perfect outfit to match your cat’s “royal” attitude. Just be sure to find yourselves some comfy servant clothes to wear while hand feeding her.

There are all sorts of costume ideas for pets and owners to inspire you. Whether you’re dressing up as iconic characters from a fairy tale or a classic movie you love, you can find something that will be perfect for you and your pet. We especially love this Shaggy, Velma, and the Mystery Machine costume idea for fans of the show.

Tips for Costuming Pets

  • How long will you and your pet be dressed up for?

    • Make sure your outfit will be comfortable for the duration of it.

  • Does your pet even like to wear clothing or costumes?

    • Pay attention to their body language and adjust or be willing to take off their costume completely if they’re uncomfortable.

  • Will your look be appropriate for the variety of settings you’ll inevitably be in throughout the day?

    • Make accommodations so you can be.

  • Will it be easy to slip on and off or otherwise adjust so you and your pet can go to the bathroom easily?

    • Make it so! Don’t block their ability to stay in touch with their senses, so keep things out of their face and nozzle.

Dressing your pet in a costume for the first time can be tricky. has some great tips. We hope you have an awesome October here in New York and that whether you dress up with your pet or not, that your Halloween holiday is spooktacular.