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Let's Barbecue!

Autumn Creek Apartments Blog, East Amherst, NY  Summertime means grilled food and today we have some tips for planning a barbecue this May. From menu to entertainment, we've got it covered.

With summer nearly upon us here in East Amherst, New York, it’s time to start thinking about summer BBQs and doing a few test runs before inviting the crew over for a Memorial Day gathering. We’re happy to provide picnic space with charcoal grills for our residents — just one of the many amenities we offer. Today, the Autumn Creek Apartments Blog has some tips planning a barbecue for friends and families.


Keep it Simple

You can’t go wrong with simplicity. Burgers and brats are an American staple that most people are sure to love. Shish kebabs and grilled veggies are also great choices. Planning a complicated yet delicious menu can be fun, but sometimes there’s not a whole lot of time for the preparation you need. BBQs are always about being on the go. Keeping everything simple will make sure that you get the food out in a timely manner.


Be Prepared

Nothing ruins a barbecue like forgetting something crucial like utensils or napkins. A good thing to do is to have a checklist for the night before. Once you’ve gotten everything, place all the necessary items in a box so you don’t forget! The weather is also something to take into consideration, as it can be fickle. Have a backup plan for if the weather turns sour.  



Games and activities are fun ways to get everyone interacting with each other; they can also help you stave off the lethargy as the good food settles in. Bring along a frisbee and a few decks of cards for your guests to enjoy.

For more grilling tips, take a look at our sister-property, Windsong Place, and their blog post from last summer. Next time we’ll share some recipes that are grill friendly, so stay tuned. What is your favorite dish to cook on the grill? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.