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Meal Planning Made Easy

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Meal Planning can be a difficult habit to keep. Whether you’ve tried meal planning or not, we suggest giving it a shot or getting back in the habit. It can make a big difference in creating healthy eating habits, saving time, and adding variety to your meals. The Autumn Creek Apartments Blog brings you some of our ideas on how to have an effective meal plan. Use a few of our suggestions and find what’s right for you. Make mealtime your favorite time!

Plan Shopping Trips

For some people, taking a trip to the grocery store is the hardest part of meal planning. To make it an easier experience, plan out what days you will go shopping and make it a habit. Always remember to write out a shopping list before you go shopping! This will make your trip go much quicker and it will make it easier to skip over the snack and candy aisles.

Find Your Format

You can find all sorts of apps, printable sheets, or spreadsheet formats to help you with meal planning. Some people like using apps, but maybe you like to have a plan written or printed out. Use a word document, a spreadsheet, or a printable sheet to write out your plan. Try out something new and decide what is easiest for you.

Stick to a Time Frame

Determine how far out you want to meal plan. A week is a good way to go because it will allow for a shopping trip once a week and it’s a manageable amount of planning. Maybe you prefer meal planning a month in advance or the night before. Whatever you like, stick with your plan and create a habit out of it.

Use Daily Themes

Have you heard of using daily themes while meal planning? This is a great way to make meal planning easy. Choose themes for each day of the week, then pick a meal based on that theme. For example, Mondays you always make seafood, Tuesday-tacos, Wednesday-breakfast-for-dinner, Thursday-sheet pan dinner, Friday-soup, Saturday-Italian night, and Sunday-vegetarian. Choose your own themes and enjoy a super simple meal plan.

Freezer Meals

Freezer meals can be lifesavers when you have a busy week. Even making 2 or 3 meals on Sunday before the chaos of the work week begins can make all the difference for you down the road. Freezer meals can also be put in a slow cooker before you head off to work.

We hope your meal planning efforts go well this spring. With your extra time, get out and enjoy springtime weather here in East Amherst, NY! Thanks for reading!