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Thanksgiving Planning Made Simple

Roadsign with Turkey Day Just Ahead on a cloudy sky background

Thanksgiving day is coming up. Are you ready? The Autumn Creek Apartments Blog is sharing some simple steps you can take to prepare for the upcoming holiday this month. Take your holiday preparations one step at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed by everything you need to accomplish, and enjoy a Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, food, and fun.

Plan Your Menu

Decide on what dishes you are going to serve at your Thanksgiving feast. Let your guests know what will be on the menu and if there is anything not on the menu that they would like, to make it and bring it. When planning your menu take into account any food allergies, preferences, or specific accommodations any of your guests might need.

Get the Ingredients

First, start by making a list of all the ingredients you will need to make everything on your holiday menu. Check your apartment pantry and fridge to see what you already have, and then head to your favorite grocery store in East Amherst, NY to buy the rest of the ingredients you don’t have early in the week. Be thrifty and look for deals, use coupons, and don’t worry too much about getting name brands. Off-brand ingredients or the store’s brand tend to be less expensive and usually just as good.

Create a Cooking Schedule

Plan ahead of time how you plan on cooking everything and what to cook first. Start dishes that will need more time in the oven early on. Prep some ingredients the day before and store them in the fridge overnight to save time on the day of the feast. Know where all your cooking utensils, pots, and pans are so you won’t have to waste time searching for them when you need them.

Set the Table

Have the table all set and ready with a tablecloth, placemats, plates, cups, utensils, and any place markers or festive decorations or centerpieces. Once the meal is all ready you won’t have to worry about getting the dishes out.

Clean up

Make cleanup a breeze by giving everyone assignments and tasks ahead of time. If everyone knows what they are supposed to do and what is expected of them beforehand, the clean up will go much more quickly. Making sure several people are involved in the cleanup process will also ensure the daunting task doesn’t end up falling on one person.

What other tips would you add to our list? Share your ideas with us in the comments. Thanks for reading our post! We wish everyone here at Autumn Creek a happy Thanksgiving!